Croozer makes:

Four principles are of elemental importance in our work: working in partnership, maintaining quality standards, driving forward development and taking responsibility. These virtues characterise and motivate us, and make us satisfied with our day-to-day activity.

Croozer is partner

Our aim is to work professionally and with commitment in every respect.

As a service-provider, we aim to be reliable, flexible and fair in dealings with our trading partners and to focus on providing service and solutions. Zwei plus zwei always works on a partnership basis, because we know that we can only achieve success together.

When it comes to our expertise in developing ideas and products, we always operate in a way that is customer-based and future-oriented. We search for solutions even when no assignment has been defined, creatively and with open minds yet maintaining our down-to-earth sense of reality.

Extra reliability

In terms of our quality as a specialist manufacturer or distributor, we are absolutely uncompromising as regards the absolute usefulness, durability, practicality and perfect safety of our products.

There are two good reasons for this. We know that our trading partners and end customers only trust us like this, in the long term, and we also regard this as our responsibility as a company.

We supply and manufacture products of sustainable high quality that aim to offer bicycle lovers activity, enjoyment, a sense of community, a healthy lifestyle and a good quality of life. We want the people who have shown their faith in us by buying our products to be able to be absolutely certain that they have made the right decision.

Extra dynamism

Movement is not just our job – it's what motivates everything we do. That applies both for the company Croozer and for every one of its employees: we want to develop further – to become even better and more versatile.

Developments have shown that we are actually realising this objective: through our healthy, steady growth, the increasing popularity of our brands and the consistent improvements made to our products. For us, innovation is not an end in itself; we want to keep on increasing the benefits for our customers.

Two bear responsibility

Mobility for people and families is not just our profession, it's our passion. Mobility is an important factor in our modern society – economically and ecologically, and as an aspect of personal freedom and quality of life.

We are committed to the bicycle as an environmentally friendly, healthy and future-oriented method of transport because we have an obligation, personally and as a company, to people and the environment.